Kress Staheli for washington city Mayor

Prepared and ready to serve as Mayor where he intends to continue being an advocate and a voice for ALL residents of Washington City.

Citizens First.

Kress and his wife Lynette are the parents of 4 children. They enjoy many of the outdoor, sporting, and cultural activities this area has to offer. Kress particularly enjoys traveling and is an avid marathon runner. He appreciates quick wit and good food, preferably both, and with friends. 

Get to know more about kress:

Why Are You Running For Mayor?

I’m running to serve as Mayor because I care about the residents and the future of Washington City. I have the ability, time, and desire to make a difference.

What experience do you have in local government?

I’m currently serving my 2nd term on the City Council. I served on the Planning Commission prior to being elected to the Council. I understand the public process and how to be effective in representative leadership.  The experience gained in dedicated service over these years has uniquely positioned me to effectively serve as Mayor at this time.

Tell us about yourself.

I was born into and raised in a farming family in Washington City as the youngest of four boys. My wife and I chose to raise our family here. I have the unique perspective of seeing Washington evolve from the small town of my youth to what it is today. I still miss The Burger Place and Nisson’s Mercantile, and it’s hard for me to see “The Fields” become rooftops.

I graduated from Pine View High School and later from Southern Utah University with a degree in Accounting. I served 8 years in the Utah Army National Guard and 2 years as a missionary in France. I own and operate an insurance and financial services agency and have done this for over 20 years with the same company. The success of my business allows for me to have the time and flexibility to be a fully engaged and involved Mayor.

What does serving this community mean to you?

I love this community and am committed to representing the best interests of Washington City and all who live here. I believe in listening to residents and understanding their concerns and views so that I can do my best to properly address them. I understand and appreciate the heritage of hard work and commitment it took to settle this desert community and believe I can be a bridge from the past to the future. I welcome and encourage new and long term residents to be involved in making Washington City even better as we work together.

What are the biggest concerns of the city you'll be representing?

I firmly believe the decisions we make today are critical for the future of Washington City. My top concerns include water, power, roads and infrastructure, as well as affordable/attainable housing, and creating an environment for well-paying jobs. We have a chance to plan and get these decisions right for our benefit, and for the benefit of those who follow us.

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Do you have a criminal record?


Have you ever filed bankruptcy?


In your opinion, what is the proper role of municipal government?

The City is working best when you don’t notice it. Municipal government is designed to organize essential services to citizens in the most efficient way possible. It should not take away freedoms or be burdensome in any way. We are fortunate that Washington City provides adequate police and fire services, as well as water, sewer, power, roads, parks and recreation. These services should be provided with utmost prudence and care of taxpayers’ dollars.  

What is the role of the Mayor and City Council?

The Mayor and City Council are the governing or legislative branch of municipal government. They set the priorities and oversees staff as they carry out their directives. The body sets and approves the budget. Much of the Mayor and Council’s time is spent on ordinances, particularly those dealing with “land-use”, the way the city develops. This is done within the guidelines of the City Code and General Plan My experience on the Planning Commission and the Council has helped me understand the public process well, and I’m prepared to lead out as Mayor. I understand how important and valuable receiving and responding to public input is in this process.

What are yout top priorities if elected?

Public Safety – Supporting police officers, fire fighters, and first responders in caring for the community and sustaining law and order.

Public Services – Focus on providing essential roles of municipal government, including water, sewer, power, roads, etc. in the most cost effective way possible.

Public Spaces – Well designed and updated General Plan that includes citizen input, transparency, and fairness in the process, as well as respect for property rights and the natural beauty of the area.

what is a local issue on your mind?

We need stop lights on Washington Fields Road. With the exponential growth resulting in new elementary, intermediate, middle and high schools in the Washington Fields, our children’s safety is a top priority. With a mix of subdivisions and farm fields, many roads have no sidewalks, and children on foot, bike or bus will compete with traffic to get to and from school. The Police, Fire, and Streets Departments will all need to work together to do all they can to keep them safe.

What about the budget?

Proper oversight of the budget is a critical component of the Mayor and the entire elected body. Prioritized Municipal budgeting focused on the core public services, that cities are allowed by the State to administer, in all general and proprietary fund expenditures. Seeking better efficiencies wherever possible, and regularly reviewing expenditures. Being  accountable for honest, fair and transparent use of taxpayer funds.  

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What about Growth?

More to come here, but I’m currently very concerned with the high cost and low availability of housing for individuals and families in various stages of life – for those who are just trying to make it on average incomes. I’m listening and researching ways the city can be part of the solution.  

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Primary Election August 10, 2021
General Election November 2, 2021
***Vote by mail with your ballot postmarked prior to the election date, or vote in person at the Washington City Library on election day.***